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Prestige The Respect Issue

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Los Angeles, California @ Globe Theatre

 TV Taping

Matches Announced
Singles Match
Shoko Nakajima vs. Trish Adora
Singles Match
Gregory Sharpe vs. Sonico
Singles Match
Shazza McKenzie vs. Johnnie Robbie
Singles Match
Dinastia vs. Galeno Del Mal
Four Way Match
Alan Angels vs. Travis Williams vs. Jordan Cruz vs. Diego Hill
Singles Match
Vinnie Massaro vs. Tom Lawlor
Singles Match
Rey Horus vs. Titus Alexander
Singles Match
Jonathan Gresham vs. Lee Moriarty
Singles Match
Breeze vs. Mike Bailey
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Prestige - Prestige Wrestling

Mix of traditional and modern wrestling styles, founded by William Quintana. It's homebase is Texas and it was founded in 2016.

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