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DOA Year 15

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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Portland, Oregon @ North Portland Eagles Lodge

 TV Taping

Matches Announced
DOA Tag Team Title Gauntlet Match
The Hammer Brothers (Jack Hammer & Sledge Hammer) (c) vs. Academy (Nick Radford & Thom Alman) vs. High 5 (Draven Vargas & Patrick Large) vs. Duv And Dangerous (??? & ???) vs. The Co-Op (Carl Randers & Troy Matic) vs. The Golden Guys (Mickey Mantoya & Rashad Tyson)
Singles Match
Tag Team Match
Konami Code (Air Jordayn & CJ Edwards) vs. Def Threat (Nathan Foxx & Zebadiah Saint) (w/Caden Cassidy)
Japanese Death Match
Drexl vs. Abigail Warren
Singles Match
Su Yung vs. Amira
Six Way Scramble Match
Marcus Eriks vs. Rush Freeman vs. Max Burnside vs. Joey Thorton vs. Murphy Madsen vs. Thicc Ricc Rodriguez
Bullropes & Branding Irons Match
Dave Turner & Derrick Shaw vs. The Hess Clan (Dom Hess & Wade Hess)
DOA Pure Wrestling Title Match
Drake Kwon (c) vs. Kevin Blackwood
DOA Grand Title Match
Nick Radford (c) vs. Vinny Pacifico
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