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Smash Master Wrasslin' : Susquehanna Smash Bash

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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania @ Susquehanna Brewing Co.

 Live Event

Matches Announced
Singles Match
Malcom Kalloway vs. Trevor Terry
Six Man Tag Team Match
The Steel City Killers (???, ??? & ???) vs. The Think Tank (Jason Furious, Luca Mancini & MIT) (w/Dr. Ethan Wilde)
Six Way Scramble Match
Frankie Pickard vs. Bryan Ace vs. Alexander Bateman vs. Duncan Aleem vs. Fletcher Young vs. MJ Stax
Singles Match
Riley Crowe vs. Shane Black
Singles Match
Ricky Pryce vs. Rocket (w/JS Hawthorne)
Singles Match
The Madness Of Trip vs. Tommy Vecs (w/Mary Elizabeth)
Singles Match
Adena Steele vs. Dr. Ethan Wilde (w/Jason Furious, Luca Mancini & MIT)
Horrornado Match
The Diamond City War Machines (Brad DeMaio & Eric Pinhat) vs. Electric City Mayhem (Squid Sterling & Zack Xander) vs. Tater City Express (Kit Raff & Uncle Masty) vs. The Pantheon (Face & JS Hawthorne)
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